Then it was the era of industrial production. Our father Osman Kutlu mechanized his craft and started Konya’s first kadayıf factory in the 90s. He raised us saying “whatever you do, do it your best,” just like his father taught him.

In the 2000s, I studied food at school, and it was now my turn. My wife Burcu and I tried to turn a new page in this story, supporting each other. This journey, which started with soil, turned into “BESLEN BAKED PRODUCTS” owing to half a century of knowhow. We named our brand after our village: “BEYLERCE.” To make us not feel the absence of our father, our other father Şerafettin Şanal, also known as Hoca (Turkish for Teacher or Mentor), took us under his wings. We mention their names because we are grateful to them, pray for them, and will always be loyal to them.