This journey started with our grand grandfather Düvenci Sadık. Who knew those threshing boards he made to separate wheat from its straw would one day turn into a story of bakery? They processed every single one of those seeds for years. Perhaps our grandfather learned to appreciate the value of wheat through that hard labor. His first stint with flour was at a small kadayif shop at the Women’s Market, which belonged to our grandfather Hafız Ahmet Kutlu. It was in the 60s that he hanged a red signboard that read “BESLEN KADAYIF” on the window of his shop. At a time when TV had not even started airing in Turkey and when even bread from the market was so precious that we would eat it along with our homemade flatbread to make it last longer, he poured on the stove the kadayıf our fathers would buy “to make their family happy.” That was where he taught his son all he knew. It was a master and apprentice story. They spilled their sweat together for years believing in the motto “God’s blessings require reverence.”