To tell you the truth, nothing has essentially changed with us. How could they? It is still the same soil; it is still the same blessing. The only thing we strive to change is the number of people we can reach; we would like to reach not only you but also your loved ones. After all, we are aware good food only tastes good when you are with people you love. To make the long story short, the miracle is not so much in the hand that produces but in you as people sharing with others. The BESLEN of the PAST, the BEYLERCE of today, continues to knead what the soil gives us and to offer it to you. Our goal is not to compete with your mothers, but to bring you a lovely reminiscence of the flavors of the old days and to give you just another memory worth remembering.

In this journey, while you enjoy the moment, we will be raising our children so that we can continue to serve you in the future.